Ouster Sensor SDK

The Ouster Sensor SDK provides developers interfaces for interacting with sensor hardware and recorded sensor data suitable for prototyping, evaluation, and other non-safety-critical applications in Python and C++. Example and reference code is provided for common operations on sensor data in both languages. The SDK includes APIs for:

  • Querying and setting sensor configuration

  • Recording and reading data in pcap format

  • Reading and buffering sensor UDP data streams reliably

  • Conversion of raw data to range/signal/near_ir/reflectivity images (destaggering)

  • Efficient projection of range measurements to Cartesian (x, y, z) corrdinates

  • Visualization of multi-beam flash lidar data

Additionally, in Python, the SDK also provides:

  • Frame-based access to lidar data as numpy datatypes

  • A responsive visualizer utility for pcap and sensor

Status and Contact Info

The Ouster SDK is currently provided as an early pre-1.0 preview. The APIs are subject to change in every release.

For questions about using your Ouster hardware, you may find it useful to reference the Ouster sensor documentation and/or contact Ouster support. For issues specific to the SDK please use the GitHub issue tracker.