The OS0 offers an industry-leading combination of price, performance, reliability, size, weight, and power. It is designed for indoor/outdoor all-weather environments and a long operating lifetime.

The OS0 family of sensors consist of three models, the OS0-128, OS0-64, and OS0-32, with differing vertical resolution, but identical mechanical dimensions.

For the purposes of this document, the term “OS0” refers to the family of sensors, and only where there is a difference in performance will each model be referred to by its specific model designation.

The contents of this manual are applicable only to Rev 06 sensors. Please contact support@ouster.io with the sensor serial number to find out your sensor Rev information. For all other sensor hardware revisions, please refer to the respective hardware user manual found Here.

OS0 Product Models

The OS0 is available with 128, 64, or 32 beams of vertical resolution and with Uniform, Gradient, Above Horizon, or Below Horizon beam spacing options. Product specs and more information on these configurations can be found on the OS0 product page.