API Changelog

Firmware v3.1.0

  • Date: May 2024

  • Add config parameter for min_range_threshold_cm (Refer to min_range_threshold_cm for more information).

  • Add config parameter for return_order (Refer to return_order for more information).

  • Add config parameter for Delete Config (Refer to DELETE /api/v1/sensor/config for more information).

  • Add config parameter for POST /api/v1/system/restart to restart sensor or reinitialize a sensor.

  • Add config parameter for User Editable Data section, which can be used for a number of purposes such as storing specific information about the sensor, qualifying a sensor, calibration data, or any other information.

  • Add config parameter for GET /api/v1/sensor/metadata/imu_data_format. User can get imu_data_format and POST config to change gyro_fsr and accel_fsr from NORMAL to EXTENDED.

  • TCP API has now been DEPRECATED in FW 3.1. Please refer to HTTP API Reference Guide section instead.

  • LEGACY Data packet profile has been DEPRECATED, please refer to Lidar Data Packet Format section of the Firmware User Manual for more information.


Firmware v3.0.1

  • Date: February 2023

  • New HTTP Command to configure speed override (Refer to System)

Firmware v3.0.0

  • Date: January 2023

  • Bug in keep-alive behavior for HTTP 1.1.