Updating Firmware

Sensor firmware can be updated with an Ouster-provided firmware file from Ouster FW (or directly from the deployment engineering team) by accessing the sensor over http - e.g., http://os991900123456.local/ and uploading the file as prompted.


Uploading a new firmware image onto the sensor

Always check your firmware version before attempting an update. Only update to an equal or higher version number.

After the web UI confirms that the update is complete, please allow the sensor to reboot (about 2 minutes) and refresh your webpage to get access to the updated Web UI.

Downgrading Firmware

Do not roll back firmware to lower numbered versions without having been instructed to do so by Ouster. If you do, your sensor may experience issues. If your sensor is experiencing startup issues upon downgrading from v2.3.x, reset the on-sensor configuration by using the Reset Configuration button on Sensor Homepage.


Reset Configuration